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The Search

hunting viewDo you want to take part in the adventure of experiencing mallards cupping their wings to land located next to the decoys and then deliberately knowing that you are right in line for the perfect shot? Are you willing to wait eagerly as the mallards came in response to the call? Do you wanted to experience the gratification of catching our game and having a trained Labrador proudly retrieve our prize. If you are looking for an adventure as that will exceed your expectations of finding the best collection of mallards that you have come to right place.


Hunting Experience

Arribahorse ResortWe offer many different hunts depending on your individual needs, including exclusive group leases, trespass fees, and fully guided hunts. Hunt out of our lodges, using trucks or stay in our remote cottages or camps. We guarantee our ranches will never be overcrowded. Whether you are superior hunter, amateur muzzleloader or pro hunter, or trespass fee, we offer the perfect hunt for you.





Arribahorse Resort outdoorsBooking your flight is  super easy since you will be flying to LAX. You can get a flight to almost anywhere with a multitude of time options to LAX.  With the flight selected, you have to next figure out how you are going to get your guns to Cali.




Travel Gear

airport LAX huntingWe are guessing you will need a gun case? After a little research, we found a great case for cheap.  We are assuming you don’t want to pay to much for high-end gun travel case since you aren’t planning on using it very often once in blue moon. We have partner with a new service online that allow me to rent a gun travel case for your trip. All you have to do is select a the gun travel case you wanted, a period of time you needed it for and when to get the case delivered to your home or office.  Once again the power of the internet is amazing.

pelican-caseOnce the rental period is up, all you have to do is simply place the gun case back in the original shipping box and drop it off at a FedEx store. also provided a prepaid shipping label with the rental so all you have to do is place the prepaid shipping label on the box.  You just need to find a fedex store near your home or office and just drop the rental box off at store.


Resort Guides

Hunting PhotoDuring your hunting trip to Cali we suggest you check out Valley Waterfowl hunting to get the true hunting experience. There services include water transportation, safety checks and instruction, duck dog, and duck calling all for great price. Your trip includes two hunters which allowed you to maximize your hunting experience. They do offer local accommodations which can be used for multiple day excursions. They personally work to ensure all our appropriate gear is secured prior to your hunt too.




Dive Bomb DecoyFor you hunt you are going to need some great decoys. We recommend checking out Dive Bomb decoys.  They specializes in providing the ultimate duck decoy hunting experience. There decoys provided the most realistic Mallard silo decoy we could find on the market. Mallard duck silhouette decoys are awesome for group hunt.



Proven Results

Duck HuntingThey worked perfectly to attract a hungry group of mallards, in full plume. Mallard silhouettes stakes were 20 inches long and are two pronged which worked awesome during our adventure. The best part of the decoy is they are super easily to setup and take down. The decoy can be grabbed and set up by anyone (I think my dog could even set them up!)  Each decoy allows you the chance to attract the best ducks available.

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